Boys League Info

As part of the FC Westchester Armour Player Pathway, we play in a variety of Leagues to suit ability and commitment levels.

For our development program to be successful it is vital that our training/practice program is accompanied by a suitable competitive program. The competition program at FC Westchester Armour is made up of two major components: league play and tournaments. Below we list the leagues in which we choose to play our teams. Each league is carefully chosen to complement our training program and ability level. Game formats, travel times, age and league structure are all taken into account when choosing the appropriate league for each of our teams.

us soccer development academy  member

U18/19 Development Academy

U16/17 Development Academy

U15 Development Academy

U14 Development Academy

U13 Development Academy

U12 Development Academy


2000-/1999 Boys U18

2002 Boys U16

2011 Boys U11

2010 Boys U10

2009 Boys U9


U17 (2001 Birth year)

U16 (2002 Birth year)

U15 (2003 Birth year)

U14 (2004 Birth year)

U13 (2005 Birth year)

U12 (2006 Birth year)